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André Rieu 2019 Maastricht City Guide: highlights #6

Andreas and Diana from Munich
‘We look forward to André Rieu’s concerts on Vrijthof square every year. In our eyes, he is a person who knows like no other how to select music that moves his audience. In addition to the lovely dresses, the backdrop is so unique – surrounded by all those outdoor cafés and churches. It is a bit of heaven on earth.’
Andreas and Diana von Dall’ Armi have been coming to Vrijthof square all the way from Munich specially to attend Rieu’s concerts for many years now. Maastricht has become a place where this family can enjoy both of their greatest passions: André Rieu and horse riding. The CHIO, a renowned equestrian event, takes place in Aachen at the same time.
The German couple always enjoy themselves immensely by spending a relaxing night in Maastricht after Rieu’s awe-inspiring concerts.
‘What we like best is to enjoy a drink on Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein square after the concert. This is the most romantic place to enjoy life.’

Gillian from Kent
She may have been born 80 springs ago, but this does not deter Gillian Bisseru from travelling to Vrijthof square all the way from the UK each and every year. She never misses a day of Rieu’s concerts during this period. ‘It is simply amazing how Rieu, together with his orchestra, knows how to reach his audience and unlock their emotions.’
To be able to enjoy these days to the full, Gillian always treats herself to the Kruisheren Hotel’s VIP package. ‘The location of the hotel is ideal, and the architecture makes it truly special.’ The Kruisheren Hotel’s VIP package includes a lunch followed by a visit to Rieu’s castle or his studio, or a backstage tour, depending on which day it is. ‘This affords everyone a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of Rieu’s everyday life. Particularly when the tour is given by his son Pierre!’

Ruud and Ineke
Ruud and Ineke Elshout-Cornelissen from The Hague have been true Rieu fans from the very beginning. In the 1990s, they attended the concerts Rieu gave together with his Johann Strauss Orchestra in small theatres.
‘Nowadays, we travel to Maastricht every year – and every year we stay a little longer! We want to be there during the entire concert period. Last year, this meant attending all of 13 concerts.’ They stay at hotel Du Casque, where they unwind after not only Rieu’s concerts, but also the fan dinners and picnics they organize.
‘Organizing all of this has become almost a full-time job. Where Rieu goes, we follow. It has actually become our ideal holiday formula.’


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