André Rieu 2019 Maastricht City Guide: highlights #4

Exhibition Marc Rieu

Dinsdag 2 juli 2019

Also this year, Chapeau produced the english André Rieu Maastricht City Guide 2019 in collaboration with the worldstar André Rieu from Maastricht. The guide includes a number of articles from the city and the surrounding area. We will present a couple of highlights to you in the next two weeks.

For the tenth time, an exhibition of Marc Rieu's paintings will take place in the month of July; traditionwise, you'll be able to admire his most recent works in the Vrijthof Theatre. Admission is free on the following days: 4-7 July, 11-14 July and 18-21 July, all from 12.00h until 17.00h.

During his studies of History of Art, Marc discovered his passion; he took masterclasses with famous artists like Gerard Huysman, John Wassenaar and Simon Balyon in order to get more qualified in this metier. At the university, he got his degree under supervision of prof. dr. Volker Manuth.

Suggestions of the reality can be seen on Marc's canvases; he enchants this reality with his painting brush, turned into a magic wand. Hence the new movement of suggestive illusionism, made up by Marc himself. Often, the inspiration for his landscapes comes from personal memories.

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