Meet COLLECTIVE12: Dé afstudeerders van MAFAD

Pauline Hetger

Maandag 28 mei 2018

In de aanloop naar Fashionclash Festival zullen wij de komende weken een aantal afstuderende design studenten van MAFAD voorstellen. Deze studenten zijn onderdeel van COLLECTIVE12. Deze lichting studenten moet in tegenstelling tot voorgaande jaren hun eigen afstudeershow  organiseren en financieren.  Met jou steun kunnen deze studenten deelnemen aan Fashionclash Festival waar zij in samenwerking met FASHIONCLASH een volwaardige afstudeershow neer kunnen zetten.

Via deze link kan je de studenten steunen en meer informatie vinden.

Naam: Pauline Hetger

Instagram: hepauli

I´m Pauline Hetger, I´m German but living and studying in Maastricht. I´m 25 years old and currently I´m doing my bachelors degree in fashion design at the Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Since I was twelve years old I knew that I wanted to become a fashion designer. Although I decided to do an apprenticeship for media communication and graphic design after high school. It was fun, but nothing that I wanted to do my entire life, so I did some internships. One brought me to the opera in Hannover (Germany) where I worked as a costume designer for 2 months. After this I was struggling for a while if I should study costume or fashion design, but actually the answer always was clear to me. In 2014 I started studying at MAFAD. In 2017 I did my 6 months internship at Marina Hoermanseder in Berlin which is an awesome company with a great designer and a great team and where I really learned a lot about where I see myself in the future.


How do you look back at your study? What was the most importent moment you have experienced?

When I think of my four years at MAFAD I think of growth. I fell and I got up again. I learned how to work hard for what I want, but at the same time, how to not take everything to serious, because that´s what makes you sick. I´m somebody different now. I´m stronger than before, and I think that this is one of the most important things when you want to work in fashion business.The most special time during my studies is at the moment. It´s a rollercoaster of emotions. You have really high up´s and really deep downs. Sometimes you think you can´t do this anymore, but at the same time it´s the most amazing experience I went through until now. I think that´s what passion is about, recognizing that you are alive.

What characterizes you as a designer?

As a designer I want to place my work in between haute couture and pret a porter. It´s either the one or the other. My clothing shapes are quite simple but I love to work with expressive fabrics and bold colors. By combining the simple forms with the expression of the material the outfits become alive. My clothing is ready to wear, but not for everyday. I see my work at special events, where the dress code is about evening wear. Another very typical sign of all my work is that I use inspiration from the 70´s. In every piece I design this decade is always somehow visible. By combining it with a latest inspiration topic, my work is about in that moment, it becomes a typical “Pauline piece”.

When have you decided to become a fashion designer?

During my time at the “Realschule” which is a German school system and somehow comparable to secondary school, we had to do an internship in class 6. I was 12 years old and I only knew that I liked sewing a lot, since I learned it from my grandma at the age of 6.  In our neighbor town, there was a young women who just launched her own fashion design atelier. So I asked her, if she would like to take me as an intern for two weeks. Luckily she took me and I worked two weeks for her. Since that time, I knew that I love it and that I would do anything to make it happen. And thats where I am now. Two more months and I made it happen. It wasn´t easy. It was though and very hard. A lot of people told me that I can´t do it. But especially this is what makes me really proud on myself. That no one ever could change my mind by telling me that I´m not good enough.

What facinates or inspires you at a daily bases?

 I take my main inspiration from my own emotions. In my opinion, every little emotion has it´s own color, pattern and shape. Daydreaming for example is very important for me, because I can be inside my emotions and feel them. It´s my kind of meditation which I use to not freak out in a busy every day life. I use the experience, which I made during my daydreaming and I visualize them. This builds up the base which I combine with my second main inspiration. The 70´s. This decade is fascinating me in every sense. The lifestyle, the party´s and of course the clothing. Those are my main inspirations which I use for every piece.

What message do you want to spread through your designs?

My main message was always, believe in yourself. Work hard, for what you love and you can make anything happen. Don´t listen to haters but to constructive critics. And the most important: Do what YOU like and not what other people like. When it comes to fashion, you are the first person you have to please. Afterwards, everybody else, but first, its you.

What is your vision on the fashion industry in the future? Which roll will you be taking there?

I think it´s sad that a lot of people don´t appreciate the passion, quality and time, self designed garments contain. Before my studies I had this romantic imagination of being a famous fashion designer. One day there will be my break through and I will travel around the world and my collections will be on all the catwalks. That´s not reality. Of course there are talented, hard working people who reach that. But I got to know that I don´t want that anymore. The price you´re paying for a live like that is to high, in my opinion. Of course you can have your own label with your own little atelier. But this is what brings me back to the beginning. People don´t appreciate self made clothing anymore, because they can get it more cheap at another place. And to be honest, in the end I have to earn money with what I studied. That´s why I see myself working for a bit bigger company in the future. In the design department or as a stylist for photoshoots. I want to do what I love but I want to have financial security at the same time.

What is the concept of your graduation collection?

 My concept is about an atmosphere which gets created by escaping from reality. In detail I mean the atmosphere when you´re going out, to a club and you get surrounded by the music. You just let go and dance yourself into another dimension. The club is full of people, but you don´t recognize them. There is just you inside your escaping atmosphere. For me it is a hypnotic, meditative journey where I can relax, handle my emotions and where everything is possible. It is a positive vibe which makes you feel happy and which makes you stop worrying about the problems of reality. Inside this atmosphere I come along my wildest fantastic dreams. It´s a hypnotic dream world.

What can we expect of you in the nearby future?

After my graduation I will move to Berlin and I hope to find a job as a stylist for photoshoots. I´m very interested in styling and I would like to get more experience in that. For my own designs it would be an important added value as well. Next to this I want to continue my own work. I don´t necessarily need my own label but it would be nice to just do new own things to update my website from time to time and to stay trained in the work field.


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