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André Rieu 2019 Maastricht City Guide: highlights #5

Also this year, Chapeau produced the english André Rieu Maastricht City Guide 2019 in collaboration with the worldstar André Rieu from Maastricht. The guide includes a number of articles from the city and the surrounding area. We will present a couple of highlights to you.

The music of André Rieu brings together the diversity of European cultures. If there is anything that the audience on Maastricht’s Vrijthof square will be certain to experience, it is that the music of Rieu has the power to unite,’ says Theo Bovens the Governor of Limburg, who lauds fellow resident of Maastricht André Rieu as a true representative of Europe. ‘Rieu’s concerts always include traditional music from other countries. Europe is, of course, a highly diverse region, with its numerous different cultures and musical styles, ranging from the Viennese waltz to Hungarian folk music, Greek melodies, Scottish bagpipes, French chansons, Spanish sounds, and Dutch sing-alongs or the Anthem of Maastricht. All of this is Europe. The audience is introduced to this, to the diversity of European cultures, right here on Vrijthof square. Rieu even transcends Europe,’ explains Governor Bovens.

Maastricht: the birthplace of the European Union
Maastricht is the birthplace of the European Union. Not only that, but the euro – the currency that has simplified monetary transactions throughout Europe – was born here as well. It was for this purpose that the Treaty of Maastricht was signed by the then European heads of state, at the Gouvernement aan de Maas (the Limburg Provincial Government Building) in 1992. These included François Mitterand, Helmut Kohl, and our own former prime minister Ruud Lubbers.

Limburg and Maastricht still openly take pride in this and in the role they played in hosting this historic event.
The debate concerning and development of Europe is something that should remain a key agenda point for every European institution. Currently, Maastricht is promoting itself as the ‘workshop’ of Europe with the slogan: ‘Maastricht, working on Europe’. A place where work is continuously being carried out and perfected on the development of present-day Europe. A place that breathes Europe. A city that attracts students from all over the European continent. A city with an English-language university that offers such study programmes as European Studies. Maastricht is also positioning itself more and more as a real European city for people of all ages. In this city, the leading candidates’ debate took place in May, just before the European elections. And this is where Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Laschet spoke about the future of Europe. 

‘A better Europe starts here’
The Province of Limburg received the European Heritage label in 2018 for the historic events of 1992 and its active role in the debate about Europe. There has been a plaque next to the gates of the Gouvernement ever since, bearing the words: ‘Europe starts here . ‘But, as far as we are concerned, it says: “A better Europe starts here”. I wish all concert-goers a fantastic musical stay in Maastricht!’, says Governor Theo Bovens.


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